3 'Super Savings Solutions' From Financial Expert Alexa Von Tobel

ABC News' Sabrina Parise reports:

All week " Good Morning America" has been bringing you super-saving tips from real-life moms and bloggers who have found everyday ways they can save money and keep their bank accounts in check.

Today, "GMA" went to a financial expert to help three viewers struggling to keep their finances in order in the New Year.

"People are really stressed," said Alexa von Tobel, a certified financial planner and founder and CEO of the personal finance site LearnVest.com.

"It's this huge topic that has a lot of shame and embarrassment," she said.

Super-Savers Share Favorite Frugal Tips

Sharon Bruce is a New York City teacher and self-proclaimed music junkie who has student debt to pay off, but also spends $200 on concert tickets every month.

"I also have a gym membership which is terrible because I live right by Central Park and I should just go running on the footpath there," Bruce told "GMA." "I also got a gym membership to a rock climbing gym for my birthday, so I have to rent equipment every time I go."

Penny-Pinching Moms Share Money-Saving Secrets

Alex Lang is another New York City resident who admits she takes "way too many" taxis and pays for magazine subscriptions that don't even come to her apartment.

"I'm totally embarrassed," she said. "I always buy groceries for the week in hopes that I stay in and eat, and I always end up eating out."

The third "GMA" viewer who sought von Tobel's help is Tyler Fisher, a standup comedian who says he has no money but still recently purchased a $300 pair of shoes.

"I couldn't afford a wallet," he said.

Von Tobel, 29, offered three "super savings solutions" for Lang, Fisher and Bruce, and they are each tips that von Tobel says apply to anyone struggling financially.

"It's all about wiping the slate clean in 2014 and starting to make progress on your money," she said today on " Good Morning America."

Tip #1: Live By the 50/20/30 Rule

"Whatever money you take home, 50 percent or less should go to your essentials, 20 percent should go to the future, which is saving for your retirement, then 30 percent is your fun budget, your lifestyle budget," says von Tobel.

Tip #2: Track Your Spending

"Free apps like LearnVest.com allow you to see where all of your dollars are going," von Tobel says.

Tip #3: Put It on Paper

"Break down your spending month-by-month," says von Tobel. "Seeing your finances in writing will help you get organized."

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