3 Secrets You Don't Know About GM's Mary Barra

VIDEO: 3 Secrets You Dont Know About General Motors First Female CEO

General Motor's first female CEO Mary Barra knew she'd get attention…but not this much. She was swarmed by reporters this week at the Detroit Auto Show. But Barra stuck to business in her remarks, touting the new 2015 GMC Canyon midsize pickup and the future of General Motors. That is until she hit the road with ABC News Chief Business & Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, who also hosts the hit digital show "Real Biz."

The first woman to ever run a major auto company talked about her family, her favorite movies, and what she listens to on the radio.

The night before GM announced Barra's new role, she was having dinner with her family. Her two children in high school were excited, and why wouldn't they be? Her son, a truck buff, often gives his mom ideas for improving the vehicles. Her daughter loves the Volt and GMC Terrain.

1. Her Favorite Movie

Car movies of course. Her favorites also include "Clear and Present Danger," "Transformers" and "Bumble Bee."

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2. What Barra Won't Listen to on the Radio

Rap. But she loves to listen to a radio station called The Pulse and any songs from the '80s, '90s and today will do when she's tooling down the road.

3. Barra's Top Car of All Time

Barra drives two, sometimes three, cars a week but her favorite is any version of the Camaro.

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