Toronto Woman Live-Tweets Being Trapped In A Mall

Emily Keeler live-tweeted her predicament from inside a closed Toronto department store.

Imagine being trapped in a mall after it closes with no idea how or when you are going to get out.

This became a reality for Emily Keeler, a writer and editor, when she became trapped inside a mall in downtown Toronto.

When she realized it had closed for the night, Keeler took to Twitter to "live-tweet" her ordeal.

It began just before 7 p.m.

Keeler tweets out a picture of where she is trapped.

There was some hope when Keeler saw someone in another office building next to the mall.

Keeler even contemplated calling the police.

Just after 7:30, a very happy Keeler tweeted this to her followers:

A message of support from Keeler.

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