Apple vs. Samsung, the Battle Resumes

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The tech titans return today for another court battle. Apple vs. Samsung is the fiercest rivalry in the world of smartphones and tablets.

Billions of dollars are at stake along with bragging rights for innovations that have transformed the way we communicate and get information and entertainment.

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Apple and Samsung accuse each other of ripping off designs and features. The trial starting today will mark the latest round in a long-running series of lawsuits between the firms. The latest case will be tried in California's Silicon Valley less than two years after a federal jury found Samsung was infringing on Apple patents.

Samsung was ordered to pay about $900 million but is appealing and has been allowed to continue selling products using the technology.

In the upcoming case, Apple is accusing Samsung of infringing on five patents on newer devices, including Galaxy smartphones and tablets. In a counterclaim, Samsung says Apple stole two of its ideas to use on iPhones and iPads.

Congress is pulling over GM and federal crash regulators for alleged safety lapses.

A new memo from the House subcommittee investigating General Motors recalls says company engineers met in 2005 to discuss two separate fixes for an ignition switch defect but canceled them without taking action.

GM's top executive, Mary Barra, will face questions from members of Congress Tuesday about the recall of 2.6 million small cars for an ignition switch defect linked to at least 13 deaths. Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board will be asked why the company did not open investigations into the ignition switch defect when it learned about it in 2007.

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The controversy comes as GM tries to reinvent itself. "It's unfortunate because General Motors has made a lot of improvements in both its product quality and I think in its management style in the last couple of years," Kelly Blue Book senior analyst Karl Brauer says. "We're seeing some of the best products they've ever produced."

Millions of new signups for coverage under the Obamacare law are a big bonus for the insurance and health care industry.

"Over the past two years, the S&P 500 Health Care Index has gained 55 percent, outpacing a 32 percent rise in the S&P 500," today's Wall Street Journal says. The Index includes drug companies, hospitals and health insurers. The rise of biotech firms and an aging population is also cited as reasons for the big increase in stock valuations.

A new parody of Google Maps - called Google Naps - can help you find the best places in the world to curl up and catch some shuteye.

It was created by a group of Dutch users who went so far as to include a disclaimer-slash-apology to Google within the tool itself. It reads, in part, "Hello, please don't be mad this is just a joke, a parody. We don't mean to damage your brand or anything; we just want to bring a smile on the faces of Google fans."

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