May 7, 2014 4:46pm

5 Bitcoin Warning Signs In New Federal Investor Alert

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission today issued an investor alert on Bitcoins, including a laundry list of reasons today why investors should tread carefully and why people who hold Bitcoins might be targeted by scammers. Among the reasons why the feds aren’t bullish on… Read More »

May 7, 2014 12:33pm

Recession-Leery Fed Stays the Course Despite Economic Gains

WASHINGTON – The economy and job market are improving but borrowing rates are expected to remain low for the foreseeable future, the Federal Reserve announced today. And even though unemployment is down to 6.3 percent and “conditions have improved appreciably,” there will be no major… Read More »

Apr 24, 2014 1:08pm

Behind the Billions: 8 Things You Never Knew About Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, a self-made billionaire known as the “Oracle of Omaha,” was practically born a businessman in 1930 in Omaha, Neb. With money earned from his paper route, he made his first investment at age 11, dabbling in stocks and buying acres of land in… Read More »

Apr 11, 2014 5:40pm

Hoping to Speak to IRS Agent About Taxes? Be Prepared to Wait

The US government wants your tax dollars but if you call in with a question — ie., about how to fill out specific forms — good luck getting an answer. Your wait time could be between 30 minutes and an hour. Talk about a taxing… Read More »

By ABC News

Apr 11, 2014 10:07am

High-Priced Wine Boom in China? That’s Rich, Some Say

By Geraldine Ding BEIJING – China is now the second-biggest consumer of high-priced wine in the world, according to a  report in the South China Morning Post. Already the world’s largest red wine consumer, drinkers in the country now trail only those in the U.S…. Read More »

Apr 10, 2014 4:37pm

3 Ways Countries and Companies Are Making the Work Day Work For You

What if there was a way to make your work day work for you? For people who have trouble unplugging from their smartphones and can’t stop themselves from working on weekends, here are three innovative ways some companies — and even countries — are stepping… Read More »

Apr 8, 2014 8:12am

$6 Billion Jury Award Over Diabetes Drug

Morning Money Memo… A Louisiana jury has ordered an international drug firm to pay one of the largest corporate fines in U.S. history. Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Japan’s biggest drug-maker, has been hit with $6 billion in punitive damages for hiding a possible link between a best-selling… Read More »

By ABC News

Mar 7, 2014 6:39pm

The Jobs Bummer: 4 Million Still Long-Term Unemployed

From energy boomtowns in North Dakota to high-tech manufacturing in Oregon, the fastest job growth in the U.S. is heavily clustered in the West — from Arizona and Utah to Colorado — and in the middle states with big oil and gas industries. Related: February… Read More »

Mar 7, 2014 9:00am

February Jobs Report Shows Surprising Strength

Morning Money Memo… The Labor Department says 175,000 new jobs were created in February, more than expected, and good news for Wall Street investors. Stock futures jumped on the news. The US unemployment rate rose slightly to 6.7 percent. January’s job creation estimate was also… Read More »

Mar 3, 2014 8:24am

Will Putin’s Crimea Push Create Russian Bear Market?

Morning Money Memo… Are financial markets freaking-out over the crisis in Ukraine? Not exactly. Clearly there’s concern over what Russia will do next after its aggressive push into Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula. U.S. markets futures dropped more than 1 percent this morning after the weekend crisis… Read More »