Magazine Reviews CD Without Listening to It

Feb 26, 2008 3:08pm

News has hit that Maxim magazine has published a review for the Black Crowes’ new album “Warpaint” without actually hearing the album.  Hmmmm.  The band was upset to find this out since apparently they didn’t send out promotional copies of the album.  They posted this on their site. LINK Maxim apologized, but is the damage done?  Of course, Maxim isn’t exactly a dense read.  It’s best known as a showcase for partially-clothed models and frat boy humor.  Nevertheless, any title or website’s readers should safely assume that reviews are actually reviews. Taking a critical look at an artist’s content should entail a familiarization with said content. Consider the possible ramifications of a reviewer taking an “educated guess.”  A bad review could harm a career; a good review could cause a sales-spurt for a sub-par record.  When the reviewer – reader relationship works well, the reader uses the criticism to inform his purchasing choices.
And as a music reviewer (one who listens to everything he reviews, I might add), I’m thinking this could also undermine the work of good rock journalists . What do you think?

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