Five Things Brian Williams Needs to Know

May 11, 2009 2:48pm

I notice that the anchorman from our cross-town rival, NBC, has started up a new music show — a "web experiment" — called BriTunes. (In his defense, he insists he didn’t come up with that name.) Having covered indie rock here on Amplified for the last five months, I welcome Mr. Williams to the game.

When David Gregory got his new gig on "Meet the Press," my colleague George Stephanopoulos sent his new competitor some advice via a blog posting entitled "Ten Things David Gregory Needs to Know."In that spirit, here are five things Brian needs to know:

5.) The V-neck sweater works. Love it.

4.) Good luck getting usable soundbites on the stress tests.

3.) Don’t let Dan Deacon into your control room.

2.) Don’t let the Virgins near your children.

1.) It’s sorta cool to try to appeal to the 18-34 demo, even if you are no longer in it. However, signing off as "BriWi" may be pushing it.

Seriously, Brian, it’s great you’re doing this. The recession is hitting indie music hard. There’s an enormous amount of talented bands out there. Attention from someone of your stature can only help.

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