Beatle-Mania Returns Today!!!! (“Number 9….Number 9….Number 9…”)

Sep 9, 2009 11:10am

 The decision-makers at Capitol obviously picked today to re-release all the re-mastered Beatles albums with their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks. One cannot look at today’s date aligned with the Beatles and not think of that spoken refrain on “Revolution No. 9.”  Of course, it ought to be interesting how this re-release of all twelve Beatles albums (plus the “Past Maters” discs) helps the music industry.  It’s no secret that record sales are down considerably.  I suppose the major hope is that this will create the kind of fire that has surrounded Michael Jackson’s catalog as of late.  (Ironic perhaps, given Jackson’s connection to the Beatles’ library.) 
But then again, there is the possibility that this will only be a special day for a certain kind of Beatles fan.  Many people have already shelled out the money to buy all the Beatles ‘albums in their original CD release.  To many, those mixes don’t need a modern boost, or at least such a boost is not worth buying the albums again.  (The re-mastered box comes in both stereo and mono formats. Each album comes with an embedded Quicktime documentary.  If Amazon can be used as a guide, typically the stereo version is priced anywhere between $179.99-$259.98 and the mono version can be anywhere from $229.99-$298.98. In any economy, let alone our current one, that’s a lot of money to ask.)  That being said, all of these albums are classics and if this new boost causes a new generation to rediscover the Beatles, that’s fantastic.  These records have lasted because they are great, influencing countless artists.  No doubt the release today of the much hyped Beatles “Rock Band” video game will also help reinvigorate Beatle-mania.  
If any band is worthy of this kind of roll out, it’s the Beatles.  So, the question is, do you plan on buying the new versions of these albums again?  Also, just out of curiosity, who is your favorite Beatle?  What’s your favorite Beatles album? 
Personally, I   have trouble deciding on my favorite Beatle.  (John, Paul, George and Ringo are all great in different ways.) Their 1968, self titled (“White Album”) has always been my favorite of their albums, partly because I enjoy its sonic diversity. 
So scream like teenagers again!  Forty-six years later, Beatle-Mania is still apparently alive and well! 

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