ABC News Makes Awesome Low-Budget Music Video

Jun 21, 2010 3:37pm

Please excuse the not-very-humble headline, but we're legitimately excited about this new video we've made. It features indie band the Mates of State, which consists of married couple Kori Gardiner and Jason Hammel. In the video, the Mates going marauding through Manhattan with a tiny video projector, spraying their image on unsuspecting passers-by. See it here:   We're also releasing a short "making the video" clip, which shows how we did it:   Full disclosure: I'm friends with Jason and Kori. I met them while shooting a story about how they take their young daughters out on the road with them when they go on tour. The idea for this video came about over beers and pork buns in lower Manhattan a few months ago. I was telling Jason, somewhat sheepishly, that I had made a super-low-budget video for the post-punk band Jawbox when I was in college in 1992. I then mentioned that I had one other concept for a video that I'd never actually made. The idea was to shoot a band playing their song, then take the footage of that performance and project it all over the place — on people, surfaces, animals, whatever. Jason's response, "You should make it for us!" So I begged the Executive Producer of ABC News Now, Nancy Han, to pay for it – and, for some unknown reason, she said yes. I then recruited Amplified Producer David Wharton, Photojournalist Andy Bowley and editor Mark Monroy (who edited this thing on his home laptop in his spare time). After listening to the new Mates album ("Crushes: The Covers Mixtape"), I chose my favorite song: "True Love Will Find You In The End." It's a cover of a Daniel Johnston track. It's insanely catchy and also short (which worked well for us since we had a very, very, very small budget). In mid-May, the crew and I went up to Kori and Jason's house in Connecticut and shot some footage of them playing the song in their basement practice space (where they actually recorded the new album). Then, crazy video whiz kid Mark Monroy transferred the digital video files onto a tiny projector as we drove down to Manhattan. Projector in hand, the band began torturing random strangers. (With shocking and awesome gusto, I might add.)
That that's pretty much it. Hope you enjoy the final product.   – Dan

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