R.I.P. Broadcast’s Trish Keenan

Jan 14, 2011 1:45pm

Trish Keenan of Broadcast has died apparently after a serious case of pneumonia.  She had been hospitalized for the last couple of weeks.  Keenan’s voice was haunting and beautiful even at its most deadpan.  In the mid-nineties, Broadcast emerged out of Birmingham, England, combining retro-sixties psychedelia with modern electronic sounds.  They released a few early singles.  Their song, “The Book Lovers” was even on the soundtrack to Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” Their full-length debut, “The Noise Made By People” didn’t arrive until 2000.  “Ha Ha Sound” followed in 2003, including the amazing track, “Before We Begin.”  By the release of 2005′s “Tender Buttons," the band (which was once a quintet) was slimmed-down to a duo of Keenan and James Cargill.  The band’s sound was modified, yet intact.  “Tender Buttons” actually ended up being somewhat of a minimalist masterpiece.    In 2006, the B-sides compilation, “The Future Crayon” was released.  The group’s most recent release was a 2009 collaborative EP with The Focus Group. Keenan’s death is especially sad.  Broadcast deserved a wider audience.  Although their music was experimental, it still had the possibility to cross over.  I would’ve liked to have seen how another one of their albums would have been received in this current musical climate of retro resurgence.  To top things off, they were one of Warp Records’ defining acts. “Tender Buttons” is my favorite Broadcast album.  Listening to “Tears In The Typing Pool” is now heartbreaking.  The industry has lost a wonderful singer and an innovator way before her time. 

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