Behind the Scenes at ‘GMA’: Muppet Mayhem, Part II

Lou Rocco/ABC

And now, for Part II of muppet mayhem on “Good Morning America” (you can read Part I here):

It was raining cookies in our 8 a.m. weathercast. Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch headed outside to help Sam with color commentary while hordes of eager children gaped in Times Square at Rosita on camera and Grover in the anchor chair.

Luckily, Cookie Monster was by Sam’s side to monitor the distinctive cookie-sized hail — coming down so hard (thanks to the “GMA” graphics team) that CM pulled out his umbrella. Oscar wasn’t too thrilled by the weather forecast, interrupting Sam to yell “you’re too sunny there, weatherboy and I wish it would rain.”

Inside the control room — we were counting down to our other big story of the second hour — “Dancing with the Stars.” Turns out that Rosita and Elmo had caught dance fever, cutting it up with the crowd out in Times Square. The hit show is a staple for so many of our viewers and we had our favorite handicapper on to discuss who sizzled and who soared in the ballroom.

Donny Osmond is never afraid to call it like he sees it. He liked Nancy Grace’s attitude… but not her dancing (she has a fan following here at “GMA” — her supporters will remain nameless unless she turns up here live in 13 weeks as part of the final three).

A revealing tape piece with music superstar Celine Dion bought us time to reset for our 8:30 half-hour. All the muppets headed to the outside stage to perform their song “We’ve Got the Moves”

The big bonding moment came during the commercial break right after the world premiere of  “Measure for Measure” – Elmo hopped on Josh’s shoulders for a better view of all the kids!

The last segment of the morning got a little crowded in the kitchen.

Cookie Monster needed one place to perch for the entire segment. But the various recipes that “The Chew’s” Clinton Kelly was whipping up required him and Lara to move all over the kitchen. So Cookie got a prime spot at the end of the counter… not too close to the cookies.

Turns out nobody can keep Cookie in the corner. He was chiming in with all kinds of advice designed to moving the recipe along to his ultimate goal — chowing down on one huge cookie.

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