Catching Up With Mary J. Blige

VIDEO: Lara Spencer chats with RnB superstar about her latest album, "GMA" concert.


“Good Morning America’s” 2011 Summer Concert Series ended with a bang as the Queen of R&B herself, Mary J. Blige, rocked the Central Park stage.

The Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum-selling artist performed some of her biggest hits, new and old, like “Real Love,” “25/8,” “The Living Proof,” “Just Fine,” and “Family Affair.”

“The energy is amazing,” Blige said. “My fans are out there just giving me so much love. In return I’m just pouring it back out.”

After the show, Ms. Blige chatted backstage with “GMA’s” Lara Spencer about her new album, “My Life II: The Journey Continues,” which comes out in November, and gave us the inside scoop on everything from her acting career, her newest single, to favorite snack.

1. She’s Coming to Hollywood.

Blige is now doing more acting. “I’m loving the acting,” she said with excitement, but “it’s a lot of work.”

Blige now has more appreciation for every actor, admitting she’s still trying to get the hang of things.

“The thing with acting is when I think I’m doing it wrong, they’re like, ‘That’s it!’ When I think I am doing it right, they’re like, ‘Try it again.’”

2.  What Her Album Means

Blige has always written about her personal struggles and triumphs in her songs, but she says her new album, “My Life 2: The Journey Continues” shows that “we are living.”

“It shows that no matter how good life gets, there are trials coming…As long as you know how to weather the storm, your journey continues. Your life goes on….What I’ve learned is that we all have the power to change…Even though things are hard you’ve got to think the best of yourself, so people can see you in that light.”

3. “25/8.”

What’s the meaning behind Blige’s new single “25/8?? Having an extra hour in the day or week to be with those you love.  “I wish I had an extra day with my mom sometimes…or another hour in the day with my family, husband and children,” she said.

4. Vanilla Golden Oreos Are Her Favorite Snack

When she’s not performing, Blige says she just likes to “chill,” which for her means “relaxing around the house eating everything I want to eat, watch any movie I want to watch, hang out with friends, going to dinner…you know, whatever feels right.”  Her Labor Day plans are equally down-to-earth. The superstar says she’ll probably attend a cookout.

Her favorite indulgence? Vanilla Golden Oreos.

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