Ellen DeGeneres Laughs Away Heart Scare

If laughter really is the best medicine, then Ellen DeGeneres is feeling fine.

The comedian and host of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show reassured fans yesterday afternoon that she is back to normal after experiencing heart pains severe enough to prompt a 911 call.

Saying she wanted to tell fans “what is going on in my life because TMZ is also telling you what’s going on in my life,” DeGeneres took to her show’s stage Monday afternoon to handle the situation with what she knows best, humor.

“The paramedics were strippers that I had called,” DeGeneres joked to audience members during a taped monologue that will air on her show today.

“First of all, I’m fine. Let me just say, I’m fine,” she said, in one moment of seriousness.  “I don’t know what it is but it’s fine.”

DeGeneres told the audience she began having chest pains Sunday night and woke up feeling heaviness and tightness in her chest. She compared the pains to feeling like she had two cats on her chest.

TMZ was the first to report that paramedics responded Monday morning to the Warner Bros lot where her talk show is taped after DeGeneres, 53, complained of experiencing chest pains during a producers meeting. She told audience members she called 911 “to be safe,” but  joked the paramedics may have overreacted, saying about 50 trucks and ambulances showed up on the Warner Brothers lot and appeared “like one marching band short of a parade.”

“Then they come in with an axe. Break the door down. It was open. I don’t know why they did that. They came in, they asked me all the questions: ‘How are you feeling? When did it start? Family history? Can I get tickets to the 12 Days (holiday giveaway shows)?” All the questions that they would ask, but everything is fine,” she said.

“I have a baboon heart that I had put in earlier…It’s not true,” she joked.  “But I want to say thank you to all the paramedics and the nurses who showed up and everybody and TMZ for caring so much…I appreciate it.”

DeGeneres has been outspoken about her healthy living transformation since committing to a vegan lifestyle in 2008.

She has done vegan cooking segments on her show, and launched her own website,  Going Vegan with Ellen, in August with tips, recipes, books and movie suggestions for people who want to stop eating meat and animal products.


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