Demi Moore Is Enraged, Violent in ‘Another Happy Day’

Demi Moore plays a hot mom turned vengeful foe in "Another Happy Day."

If Demi Moore‘s performance in “Another Happy Day” is any indication, whatever women may or may not have slept with Ashton Kutcher ought to dye their hair, change their names, go into hiding and pray that G.I. Jane doesn’t come looking.

Moore, at least in character, is pretty mean.

On Thursday night, got a sneak peak at “Another Happy Day,” the upcoming drama in which Moore co-stars. Moore plays Patty, a sex-bomb mom who marries the ex-husband of main character Lynn, a sobbing, cursing, screaming mess brilliantly brought to life by Ellen Barkin.

These two hate each other. Lynn has her mood stabilizers and LL Bean pajamas; Patty has her chestnut highlights and high rear end. They’re forced to interact at the wedding of Lynn’s eldest son Dylan, who grew up with Patty and Lynn’s ex-husband. A bathroom confrontation at the rehearsal dinner — Patty actually peers into Lynn’s stall and commands her to come out — escalates into Patty attempting to strangle Lynn because Lynn once called Patty “a stripper and a coke whore.”

Moore’s face contorts in rage. She leaves marks on Barkin’s neck. Alleged and potential infringes on her marriage to the Two and a Half Man, take note.


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