Kristi Yamaguchi Reveals What It Takes to Win ‘Dancing With the Stars’

VIDEO: Kristi Yamaguchi roots for someone on Dancing With the Stars.

ABC News’ David H. Miller reports:

Season 6 champion Kristi Yamaguchi knows what it takes to get through each grueling week on “Dancing with the Stars,” where, as she puts it, “One mistake can cost you.”

Yamaguchi stopped by our studios today to speak with ABC News’ Dan Kloeffler about all the work that goes into competing each week.

Kristi Yamaguchi attends the 3rd Annual Kristi Yamaguchi's Dancing the Night Away Benefit at Hilton Union Square, June 18, 2011 in San Francisco, Calif.(Araya Diaz/Getty Images)

“I was one of those people that liked to over prepare,” said Yamaguchi, who was flawless on the show but made plenty of mistakes in rehearsals.

“In practice it happened all the time. I’d look at my partner and be like, ‘I just can’t remember steps anymore.’”

This week, Chynna Phillips wasn’t so fortunate when she forgot part of her routine.  She was able to recover and finish, but the fans that make up half the voting weren’t so forgiving and voted her off.

While Phillips was one of her favorites, Yamaguchi acknowledged that it’s the fan votes that make the show exciting.

“I think it’s fun, I think it’s what keeps people in tune because they have a hand in what’s going to happen.

So who does Yamaguchi want to win this season?

“I have a soft-spot for JR. I think he’s doing an amazing job,” she said.

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