Lifetime to Alter Amanda Knox Movie After Conviction Overturned

VIDEO: Cable channel alters controversial film after murder conviction is overturned.

A Lifetime TV movie about Amanda Knox will be updated now that the 24-year-old women from Seattle has been acquitted of murdering roommate Meredith Kercher.

An Italian appeals court overturned Knox’s murder conviction Monday, ending her four-year ordeal, releasing her from prison and vacating her 26-year sentence.

Les Eisner, a Lifetime spokesman, said the film about Knox’s trial and 2009 conviction would be altered and that when it aired, the movie would be accompanied by several sentences before and after the film explaining the overturning of Knox’s conviction.

Eisner said the text included in those sentences had not yet been determined but that they are “the only alterations being made to the film.”

The movie was scheduled to air on the cable channel’s website today, Wednesday and Thursday.

Billed as “ based on a true story,” the film titled “Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy” aired on the cable channel in February. Knox was reportedly shocked and hyperventilating when she saw a TV newscast in Italy about the TV movie.

It also angered her family, which in a statement lashed out at Lifetime for what they saw as “a selfish, profit-making motive behind their decision. … The story they have told is riddled with a multitude of inaccuracies and we are deeply upset at its airing.”

Kercher’s family also was upset by the film and its lawyer called the movie “inopportune and inappropriate.”

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