Martha Stewart Calls Alexis’ Shocking Tell-All ‘Hilarious’

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Oh, Martha.

We should have known Martha Stewart wouldn’t take a glue-gun laced swipe sitting down.

The domestic doyenne, 70, broke her silence today on daughter Alexis Stewart’s claims in a tell-all book that, among other things, her mother kept no food in the house and that Alexis ”grew up with a glue-gun pointed at my head.”

Calling the book “hilarious” and “enlightening,” Martha took to her Hallmark Channel show today to address her daughter’s claims, first by acknowledging the media frenzy they have sparked.

“Well, there’s a real buzz in the air, can you hear it?” Martha asked in Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Martha Stewart Show.”  “My BlackBerry is buzzing. … The Internet is buzzing, and it’s all because of my daughter, Alexis. She’s at it again.”

“Whateverland: Learning to Live Here,” which Alexis, 46, co-wrote with her “Whatever” Sirius Satellite Radio-show partner Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, is a comical guide for those who “hate how-to manuals.” It will  be published Oct. 18.

The book is loaded with jabs at her famous mom’s parenting skills.  Alexis lists a few of  the indignities of a childhood spent living under the roof of a demanding perfectionist:  Alexis always  had to wrap her own presents and wasn’t allowed to trick-or-treat on Halloween.

Martha said on her show that she read the book “a month and a half ago” and found it  “full of funny stories” and “fabulous” pictures. “It is hilarious [and] enlightening.

“It’s not an autobiography,” she explained.  “It touches on everything: food, fashion, cleaning, organizing and me. It’s irreverent, and it’s lots of fun.”

To Alexis’ claim that there was never anything to eat in their home, Martha responds: “Yes, if you wanted to eat when she was growing up, you had to cook something. That was the whole idea.” And today, she said, Alexis “ is a superb cook.”

And about Alexis’ now infamous quote that she grew up “with a glue-gun pointed at my head”?

Martha repeated an answer she said Alexis gave to Us Weekly: “Obviously, what I say in this book is an exaggeration of the truth. I’m not sure if there were glue guns when I was a kid.”

Always one with the last word, and always a smart entrepreneur, Martha ended her comments with a plug, for both herself and her daughter’s new book.

“I must have instilled in her some good habits. She’s tall, beautiful, gorgeous and mother of baby Jude, and that’s all that counts,” she says. “The book is out late October, wherever books are sold. I encourage you to buy it, read and make it a bestseller.”


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