Prince Harry is Coming to America

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Price Harry will be following in his older brother and new sister-in-law’s footsteps when he journeys to the American southwest this week – only for the younger royal it will be with his British Apache unit.

Prince Henry of Wales, as he is formally known, will be deploying to the deserts of California this week where he will perform an intensive eight-week Apache helicopter program called Crimson Eagle at NAF El Centro in Southern California’s Imperial Valley. During his stay in the U.S. desert the young prince will have an opportunity to fire a live missile for the first time, ABC7 reported.

“When he arrives in America is learn how to use their awesome arsenal of weapons. So I’m sure Prince Harry is very excited about blowing the hell out of some hillsides,” said Duncan Larcombe, ABC News’ royal contributor said.

The prince, who is known as “Captain Wales” in his unit, will then head to the Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field in Arizona. Eventually Harry will join an Apache unit back home in Britain.

Prince Harry entered the military in May of 2005 and within three years was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. In 2007 he was held back from his infantry’s regiment to the front line in Afghanistan, as he was considered a high value target. In 2008 Harry revealed that he wished to fly military helicopters.

The Prince recently made headlines when he was photographed jumping fully clothed into a Croatian nightclub’s swimming pool. Those training on similar duty as the Harry traditionally take a half term trip to Las Vegas — we’ll just have to wait and see how “Captain Wales” lets loose.

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