What Has George Clooney, Bono Saying the F Word?

It’s not politics.  It’s Bono.

And it is not just Clooney and Huckabee saying the F word.

The Irish popstar-turned-world-saver has a slew of stars saying the F word.  Everyone from his sexy, celebrity friends like Jessica Alba, Rob Lowe and Colin Farrell to politicians like NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to newsmakers like Arianna Huffington and Jenna and Barbara Bush are yelling it.

But, in Bono-land, F equals famine.

The all-star cast was lined up by the U2 star for new PSA launched today by his anti-poverty advocacy group, ONE, titled “The F Word: Famine is the Real Obscenity.”

The minute-long clip draws on the celebs’ buzz to bring attention to the devastating famine in Somalia.

“Thirty thousand children have died in just three months,” Clooney explains.

“There are things that can be done, and if we really believe the life of a child in East Africa is worth the same as the lives of our own children, we have to act,” Bono says in the video.

The online-only campaign urges viewers to watch the PSA and follow up by signing ONE’s petition and lobbying politicians to meet the international community’s unfulfilled pledges of more than $600 million of aid towards the United Nations’ appeal to tackle the Somalian famine.

Major networks including AOL, MTV, Facebook, Discovery and YouTube have already signed on to broadcast the video.   The whole thing was put together in less than four week to respond to the crisis.

There’s also a French version where you can watch Joe Jonas, Kristin Davis and other stars stumble bravely along to the message.

To find out how you can help, go to one.org, and watch the PSA above.


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