What’s the Phobia Holding — or Not Holding — Brad Pitt Back?

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Note to Brad Pitt fans: If you’re ever in a car with the A-list actor, make sure he makes all the right turns.

Otherwise, you could be in for a very long, and indirect, road trip.

The “Moneyball” star has revealed what is certainly a new entry in the ongoing list of unusual phobias, a fear of travelling “backwards” in his car.

Pitt, 47, told UK’s Empire magazine, “If I’m walking out the door and I’ve forgotten something, I can’t go back and get it. It is something in my nature. If I’m driving down the road and I miss a turn, I have to keep going forward. I can’t reverse. It’s some kind of psychological defect.”

The star says he believes his obsession with moving forward in life is behind his fear.

“It’s just that, for better or worse, I want to keep moving on,” he told the magazine.  “I don’t like to go backwards. It’s not what I’m good at.”

Left unsaid by the actor, and longtime partner of actress Angelina Jolie, is how much this fear applies to his personal life, particularly his knack for looking back at his first marriage to actress Jennifer Aniston.

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