‘Dancing With the Stars’ Week 10: Final Routines; Law School for Kardashian

Adam Taylor/ABC

The top  three stars on season 13 of  “Dancing With the Stars” will have their last chance to impress the viewers and judges tonight before a winner is crowned tomorrow, and they’re pulling out all the stops by taking on dances they’ve never done on the show before.

Former TV talk show host Ricki Lake will perform the cha cha, as will actor and Iraq war veteran J.R. Martinez.  Reality TV personality Rob Kardashian, who told “Good Morning America’s” Cameron Mathison this weekend that he that plans to go to law school after the competition (he’s apparently been promised a recommendation by Nancy Grace), is taking on the waltz.

This close to the finale, everybody’s on edge.

“I’m nervous,” Lake said. “I mean it would be nice to win, but I really just want to do a great performance.”

The couples’ finale routines will include their traditional ballroom dances and their top-secret freestyle.

No one’s saying just what their freestyles will be, although Karina Smirnoff — Martinez’s professional partner — mentioned that the “Afro-Cuban Reggaeton” hadn’t been done before on the show. Viewers will just have to watch to see what this pair actually does for its freestyle, but one thing they’re not doing is playing it safe, even with Martinez’s recently twisted ankle.

The  injury clearly affected his performance and scores last week.

“Did you guys get a little bit careful with what you chose, because of the ankle? I mean, how’s the ankle doing?” Mathison asked.

“Oh, the ankle’s fine, the ankle’s fine,” Martinez replied. “We got an X-ray that came back negative and the doctors have been telling me, you know, ‘just ice it, at least wear a brace throughout the week and just make sure you don’t re-injure it.’ And, so, it’s fine and I’m ready to go.”

They’re up against some tough competition. Kardashian is partnered with professional dancer Cheryl  Burke, who has won the competition twice. Lake’s partner is three-time winner Derek Hough.

“I really hope he keeps his track record,” Lake said.

So what do you think? Which of the final three will win? Click HERE to vote now!

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