Kina Grannis: Music Video Uses 288,000 Jelly Beans

Who needs high tech animation when you have 288,000 jelly beans?

Singer Kina Grannis used more than 200,000 colored jellybeans to paint a moving picture in her new music video “In Your Arms.”

“I wanted to make a video that was very unique and really creative and feels very handmade,” Grannis said in the behind the scenes feature of the video.

The music video uses jelly bean art and animates it by shooting it frame by frame to create the video’s changing backgrounds.

It took 2,460 frames, 1,357 hours and about 30 people — and more than year to shoot and complete, according to video’s producers. It was directed by’s Greg Jardin.

The video has received about 72,711 hits on YouTube so far.

“It’s just been such a labor of love,” said Grannis in the behind the scenes video.


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