Lindsay Lohan Ordered Back to Jail

Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley.

Lindsay Lohan’s going back to jail.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Saunter sentenced the 25-year-old actress to 300 days of jail today for violating her probation. Lohan was ordered to report to a women’s detention center on Nov. 9 to begin serving time.

If she obeys Saunter’s orders, she’ll only be behind bars for 30 days — at most. The L.A. County Sheriff spokesperson said today that it’s possible that Lohan could serve as little as one day in prison because of overcrowding.

Saunter ruled that Lohan must spend time in jail, saying she’s “not to be eligible for house arrest, electronic monitoring or any other early release.”

After getting out of jail, Lohan will have to adhere to a strict schedule of 12 to 17 days of community service per month and four to six sessions of psychotherapy per month if she wants to avoid serving the remainder of her 270 days behind bars. If Lohan can do all of that by March 29 and not violate the law in any other way, she’ll be able to put her probations from her 2007 DUI and her 2011 shoplifting case behind her.

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Lohan will continue to do her community service at the L.A. County Coroner’s Office. Saunter said she tried to set Lohan up with a homeless women’s shelter instead but “they refused to take you because they said you’re a bad example.” “The morgue is willing to keep you,” Saunter added.

Last month, Lohan tweeted about being unable to find the proper entrance to the morgue and attempted to deliver cupcakes to her fellow community service workers. Such acts have apparently upset morgue officials.

“They seem to have an issue with your tweeting,” Saunter said. “If it’s one of their rules, don’t tweet about them.”

Saunter told Lohan that she’ll be getting a new probation officer because her previous one “asked not to be your probation officer anymore.” Saunter also forbade Lohan from leaving the country and said she cannot leave the state without her probation officer’s approval.

At the end of the hearing, Shawn Chapman Holley, Lohan’s attorney, asked what happens if Lohan completes her required jail time, community service and psychotherapy before her deadline.

“I would be the happiest judge in town if she finishes early,” Saunter said.

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