2-Year-Old Rapper’s Got the Rhythm, No Words

VIDEO: Over 400,000 users have watched Khaliyl Lloyis rap video on YouTube.

Meet Khaliyl Iloyi, the 2-year-old YouTube sensation from London who can drop a beat the way most kids his age drop a temper tantrum, or a bottle.

Dressed in an animal-print onesie and also wearing a smile across his face, Khaliyl can be seen here keeping up with British hip-hop artist Alim Kamara, a family friend.

He might not have words, but the young, budding star has rhythm.

The home video turned viral, YouTube hit was shot by Khaliyl's dad, who described his son's rap debut as "such a great moment."

"Khaliyl loves to listen to beats and always has a microphone handy," Femi Iloyi said.

Khaliyl's musical background already runs deep.

His parents, Femi and Roucheon, run a media company and also perform and distribute their own music as members of the "The Royal Priesthood."

Khaliyl's two brothers are also musically oriented, their dad reports, with both first responding to songs at 3 months old.

That record makes even Khaliyl a late bloomer in the family.

"At the age of four months, Khaliyl started showing signs of interest in music, making noises to songs that we played," Iloyi said.  "At around 9 months, his timing and ability was very clear.

"He continued to show us the joy he felt when listening to music and was able to choose his favorite songs by expressing noises or pointing."

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