Katy Perry Does Pippa and More


Katy Perry made her debut as a "Saturday Night Live" host this past weekend, and the show put her to good use, casting her in no less than nine sketches, as well as in a digital short with Andy Samberg.

Perry opened the show with a monologue about how all the colorful characters in her videos were inspired by real people from her hometown. This ended with her almost kissing Kristen Wiig, who was wearing the blue wig and whipped-cream bra outfit from Perry's "California Gurls" video while playing "Janet," an old friend who owns a combination hair salon and bakery called Sugar Cuts.

Perry also played the world's biggest Hello Kitty fan in a mock talk show that featured college kids celebrating Japanese culture. That probably wasn't a stretch for her, since in real life, Perry actually is a massive fan of Japanese culture.

Perry also portrayed Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine in a fake commercial for a movie called "Doggie Duty," Christina Aguilera in an ad spoofing the movie "New Year's Eve" and, in one of the funniest sketches, Pippa Middleton, the sister of Prince William's wife Kate Middleton.

It was part of the show's ongoing bit that casts Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip as secret tough-talking Cockney gangsters. Perry as Pippa dropped her upper-crust British accent and slipped into a tough Cockney accent herself, bragged about all the men who line up to look at her butt and then joined the Queen and Prince Phillip in jamming on a ska tune called "Christmas in London."

No doubt Perry's British hubby Russell Brand helped her prep for that particular sketch.

The digital short featured Andy Samberg and Perry singing about being best friends. Along the way, they picked up random people for their friendship circle, including a mad scientist played by Val Kilmer and a meth-addicted bum played by a near-unrecognizable Matt Damon.

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