Baldwin Pokes Fun at Airline Experience, Talks of Running for Office

VIDEO: Alec Baldwin Speaks About Plane Controversy

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Thanks to Alec Baldwin's example this past December, we all know to turn off our cell phones while on board an airplane.  (Even if we're in the middle of a really good "Words With Friends" game.)

In an interview tonight with CNN's Piers Morgan, Alec Baldwin poked fun at his experience getting booted from an American Airlines flight, saying, "My advice to people is when you get on the plane, turn off the phone.  Try with all of your strength."

Baldwin spoke of the circumstances of his case, which snowballed after he was asked to turn off his phone. He said the plane was still at the gate and that first class typically has a more relaxed environment.  The flight was also 45 minutes late, he told Morgan.

"I don't think they could pin that on me and my cell phone," he said.

He recalled the attendant's reaction as snappy, marching toward him and singling him out. 

"I was very embarrassed, I was very upset," Baldwin said, "The joke was there were four other guys tweeting from their phones as I was getting off the plane."

Baldwin didn't forget American Airlines' bankruptcy.

"I flew with them exclusively for 20 years," he said. "I can see how many people who work at the airline are under a lot of pressure because they don't know what their job security is."

While some might be surprised that Baldwin would consider running for office after an incident like that (there were a few unhinged tweets involved), he said it is something he's always wanted to do. 

Despite being told by prominent friends in government, "Don't do it, don't do it," he hasn't dropped the idea just yet. 

He told Morgan that he wouldn't consider it for another two years, until after his previous commitments have been fulfilled.

Do you think Alec Baldwin should run for office?  Would you vote for him?

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