Questlove on Fried Chicken, Republicans, and Occupy

"Roots" drummer and DJ on politics and his new venture.

Questlove at the Compound by Skullcandy and Bandpage. Credit: Monti Smith.

PARK CITY, Utah - Questlove is a man of many hats: "Roots" drummer, chicken entrepreneur, soul DJ, Occupy spokesman (of sorts) and occasional, unwitting instigator on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

His band incensed former presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann in November when she walked on to Fallon's show to the tune of "Lyin' Ass Bitch." (Questlove later apologized, saying the song was meant to be tongue in cheek.) What would he play if Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney stopped by? "If I say it I'll get in more trouble," he told on Saturday.

Quest was spinning at Skullcandy's three-story Sundance compound, where party-goers gobbled up succulent, seasoned legs of crispy goodness from his newly launched Quest Loves Food fried chicken.

"I figured that drumsticks and drumsticks would be a no-brainer," he said, adding that he hopes to take them on the road soon. "It's always been my dream to have a food truck. It started a dare and has slowly morphed into an upstart. I would like to sort of follow festivals and nightclubs and be there after."

Questlove took on another passion last year, supporting the Occupy movement by telling his nearly 2 million Twitter followers that cops were about to raid NYC's Zuccotti Park. Though the initial momentum of the movement has died down, he still supports Occupy's protest, but said they need a "clear mission statement."

"I'm with the sentiment of it, my heart is with the 99-percent," he said. "I grew up with and still am the 99-percent. According to thousands, many occupiers are just like dirty bums who have no mission in life but to smoke weed and play drums all day, and clearly, that's not the case."

As for the 1-percent?

"The ones that stole the money should be in jail," he said. "So we'll see if justice prevails."

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