Sundance Preview: Stars and Films to Watch

Prepping Park City for the Sundance crowd.

PARK CITY, Utah - The Sundance Film Festival: It's the place where stars are born, careers are made, and connections are cemented. But if you're not invested in the nitty gritty of the film industry, there's only a couple things you need to know:

Who's going to be there, and what silly/crazy/awesome things are they going to do?

LMFAO is due to descend on Park City this weekend. (In purple speedos and shades? One can only hope.) There's a slew of musical peformers coming down, including Drake, ?uestlove, Wale, and Jason Mraz. The Bing-sponsored bar on Main Street is the place to see and be seen, where headliners like Aziz Ansari are slated to entertain packed houses.

Gifting suites often draw reality TV and tabloid stars - the Lohans, the Hiltons, the Kardashians. You'll know them by the pack of paparazzi that follow in their wake.

As for the films, "Bachelorette" is the one to watch. The Will Ferrell-produced film is being billed as the next "Bridesmaids" and boasts a cast of A-listers including Kirsten Dunst, Ilsa Fisher and James Mardsen. Also of note: "Liberal Arts," starring "How I Met Your Mother's" Josh Radnor and indie darling Elizabeth Olsen. Many other Hollywood heavyweights are bound for Park City, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ben Stiller, Adrian Grenier and Robert Redford (naturally, since he started this whole shebang).

Historically, the film that's the talk of the town ends up being the talk of the nation come awards season. We'll be on the lookout to see who might rise to the occasion this year.

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