'American Idol' Group Round: Contestant Who Fell Off Stage Teams Up For Next Phase

Hollywood Week for "American Idol" continued Thursday night with many contestants battling illness while preparing to compete in the group round. The show began by resolving a cliffhanger from Wednesday's sudden death round.

Symone Black fell off the stage and was unconscious at the end of Wednesday night's broadcast, but she ended up walking away in footage aired at the top of Thursday's show.

The judges put her through the sudden death round along with Jeremy Risado, the germaphobe who works in a doctor's office. Special needs teacher Lauren Mink was also in that group, but she got cut along with Ethan Johns. Black later returned and joined up with an already established team of girls for the next phase of competition.

There were 185 'Idol' hopefuls remaining to compete in the group round, which includes choreography and a lot of team work.

The contestants had auditioned in the sudden death round over a two-day period, and many hopefuls had already formed groups with people that had tried out on the same day.

'Idol' producers told them their groups must include a mixture of contestants who had tried out on day one and day two, and that really threw a monkey wrench in a lot of contestants' plans.

Amy, the contestant who lived in the woods with her boyfriend, was battling flu-like symptoms, so no one wanted her in their group.

Others yelled out from the stage hoping to find people for their group, and police officer Alicia had trouble finding a group too. Amy finally joined Alicia's group, but Alicia left her to join another group when she refused to change her song choice - Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World."

Amy's group made big progress with their choreography and vocals, but Amy remained very sick throughout the night. Alicia's group mate Christian went missing for awhile. It turns out he was sick in his room, and Christian remained ill after rejoining the group.

Phil Phillips also got sick during the night too. He'd had four kidney stone surgeries in the past few months. Phil's cowboy hat wearing teammate Richie tried to take over the group, but their fellow group member Heejun made fun of Richie's vocal direction and dance instruction.

Brielle Von Hugel was in a group last year with finalist Pia Toscano, and this year she reigned supreme over a group including Shannon Magrane and Kyle Cruz. Brielle's mom had plenty of commentary for the cameras down the hall too.

Brianna had trouble finding a group, but ended joining up with a few other girls that called themselves "The Bettys."

Group member Gabrielle continued working despite also coming down with that pesky stomach bug. "The Bettys" had some group dissension over the course of the night, leaving member Jennifer in tears while the others headed to bed around 2:30 a.m. Brianna rejoined Jennifer and they spent the night rehearsing their song.

"The Bettys" were up first in the group round as judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler took their seats in front of the stage.

You'll have to tune in next Wednesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern time to find out how "The Bettys" and all the other groups performed. Promos indicate a few more contestants will be collapsing from illness on that episode as well.

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