'You Don't Have People Skills': Impassioned Defense of 'Ugly' Woman

Will customers at a cosmetics store speak up when they see a saleswoman berating someone with a large facial birthmark?

"I can't imagine having something that ugly on my face. How do you live like that? How do you go out of the house like that?" the saleswoman asked.

A customer nearby was outraged.

"You might have makeup skills, you don't have people skills!" she exclaimed.

What the customer didn't know was that she had unwittingly become part of a " What Would You Do?" scenario: We had hired actors to play a woman with a port wine stain and the rude saleswoman at Kiss and Makeup, a cosmetics store in Cedarhurst, N.Y.

How far will some customers go to defend the woman? Watch passionate reactions below and see the complete scenario play out Friday on " What Would You Do?" at 9 p.m. ET.

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