Jonathan Antoine Stuns Simon Cowell, 'Britain's Got Talent'

VIDEO: Jonathan Antoine surprises Britains Got Talent judges with his operatic voice.

Credit: Ken McKay/Rex/Rex USA.

Move over, Susan Boyle. There's a new popera sensation in the house, and his name is Jonathan Antoine.

Antoine, 17, brought the "Britain's Got Talent" audience to its feet over the weekend after belting out a crossover opera-pop duet with classmate Charlotte Jaconelli, 16. In a pre-taped segment prior to their performance, Antoine admitted being overweight has made getting on stage difficult. "I've always had problems with my size since I could remember," he said. "It kind of damaged my confidence, quite a bit. When people would say something to me, it would take a little piece out of me."

"I really don't think I'd be going up on stage today if I didn't have Charlotte by my side," he added.

Judge Simon Cowell seemed especially skeptical of the pair, but by the time their finished singing and the crowd was clapping away, he could barely muster an "Oh my God."

"You are unbelievable," Cowell crowed. "You have an outstandingly good voice. Jonathan, you are a future star."

Cowell wondered whether Jaconelli might "hold him back" and suggested Antoine continue the competition solo. No dice. "We've come on here as a duo," Antoine said, "we're going to stay here as a duo."

"Britain's Got Talent" has a history of launching operatic singers. Paul Potts became an internationally known tenor after winning the reality competition in 2007; Boyle recorded the U.K.'s bestselling album of all time, "I Dreamed a Dream," after appearing on the show in 2009.

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