Parents Rip Into Daughter Over Black Boyfriend: Will Diners Speak Up?


Though interracial marriages have been on the rise for years, some are still ardently against interracial couples and have no qualms about speaking their minds. "What Would You Do?" found this out firsthand when we traded our fist-pumping usual setting in New Jersey for the beautiful backdrop of Utah, one of the most conservative states in the country.

"Wow! Nothing like I expected. You didn't tell me he was black!" said the father angrily. "How did you get into my daughter's school? Basketball scholarship?" The father and interracial couple were all actors, and the reactions from other diners ended up being, well, black and white.

"Speak up for yourself," said a fellow diner to our distraught couple while the father was in the restroom.

Another man confronted the father directly: "I'm not going to sit here and listen to you yell racial slurs towards him," the man said.

On the other hand, the scenario elicited strong reactions from two women who sided with the father.

"See, it's made me cry to think a pretty girl like her would pick something like that," said Barbara, who later said she was born in England. "I don't agree with it, and every time I see it I want to scream!"

Debbie, sitting directly behind Barbara, chimed in, tearfully telling the father a story about her own daughter: "She has a friend that's black, and I told her, He's fine to be your friend - you are never going to get involved with him, and she said, 'No, Mom, I'm not.'"

As the heat continued to rise in their conversation, we decided it was time to send in "What Would You Do"? anchor John Quinones to cool things down and help us make sense of their opinions.

Barbara explained that she had friends who were black, and it was our couple's future biracial children that she worried about. "When the little children go to school, they get beat down every time," she said. ""Oh you're half black, you're this,' and I don't like that."

Watch a clip of reactions to this scenario below, and watch the whole scenario unfold on "What Would You Do?"

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