Preventing SAT Cheating: Strangers Step In

Brian Wray reports:

Last fall's SAT cheating scandal in Long Island, N.Y. shed light on the pressure high school students are under to perform well on standardized tests-and the lengths to which some students are willing to go to get good scores.

" What Would You Do?" decided to see what would happen when customers in a coffee shop overheard desperate students enlisting the services of a recent high school grad to take the SAT in their place. We hired actors to play both the student and the test taker at Sip This coffee shop in Valley Stream, N.Y.

In a scenario staged with both male and female students, our test takers made it clear that they would gladly take the test for a fee. Bystanders heard the stressed-out teens' dilemma, and witnessed plans to create a fake ID and an envelope full of cash pass hands.

Not everyone stepped in to stop these teens from making a huge mistake. But many did. Watch one grandmother's reaction below and see the whole scenario play out on "What Would You Do?" Friday at 9 p.m. ET.

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