Review: 'The Five-Year Engagement'

Jason Segel is Tom and Emily Blunt is Violet, a newly-engaged couple living in San Francisco.  They're in the throes of planning a wedding when Violet is accepted to the University of Michigan to earn her masters in psychology.  Tom puts his career as an up-and-coming sous chef on hold to move to Michigan, where he's forced to make sandwiches at a local college sandwich shop, and hang out with fellow faculty husband Chris Parnell - who teaches him how to hunt - and Tom's foul-mouthed alcoholic boss, played by Brian Posehn. In the meantime, Violet's having the time of her life, conducting psychological experiments and hanging out with her brilliantly obnoxious professor, played perfectly by Rhys Ifans.

What does it all mean? You're going to laugh, a lot.  Segel and director Nicholas Stoller team up on "The Five-Year Engagement" to write a film that strikes an amazing balance between absurdity, profanity and the very real intricacies of a relationship that can be both frustrating and annoying, euphoric and fulfilling. "The Five-Year Engagement" may prove to be an important career-booster for Alison Brie, who plays Violet's sister, and Chris Pratt, who plays Tom's best friend.  The duo co-own every scene they're in and are simply hilarious.

Four out of five stars.

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