Simpsons Creator: I Never Said Show Is Set in Oregon

Fox Broadcasting Co/AP Photo

Homer Simpson and his family live in Springfield, but they do not live in Oregon. Earlier this week, the Smithsonian Magazine published an interview in which Simpsons creator Matt Groening says he named Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie's hometown after Springfield, Oregon. His comments caused confusion among some media outlets, which reported that he said the fictional Springfield is located in his native Oregon.

That is not the case, according to Groening, who has famously kept secret the state where his show is set for over two decades. He tells TV Guide, "I never said Springfield was in Oregon." He jokingly adds, "I said Springfield was the name of my sled."Executive producer Al Jean provides further clarification to TV Guide, saying, "He was inspired by growing up in Portland, but it's really an every town. It's really funny. Matt grew up in Oregon and parts of The Simpsons were definitely inspired by his childhood. But there is no specific state that Springfield is in, and we will never reveal that secret…except this coming Sunday at 8."

Oh, and don't tune in to The Simpsons on Fox this Sunday expecting to learn where Springfield is really located - Jean was just kidding around.

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