'Dancing With the Stars': Who Will Make it to the Finals?

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Tonight's show was full of energy as the final four contestants hit the "Dancing With the Stars" dance floor to see who would impress the judges and secure a place in the finals next week.

Head judge Len Goodman began the night saying, "This is going to be the best semifinals ever." 

William Levy:

The telenovela star started off the night dancing the tango to an overwhelming standing ovation. 

Goodman praised Levy's performance, saying, "I thought, overall, it was terrific." 

Judge Bruno Tonioli added, "You were like the dictator of the tango." 

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba offered a few technical critiques of the performance, prompting boos from the audience. 

Levy earned 28 points.

For their second dance, Levy and partner Cheryl Burke danced the samba to applause from the audience. 

"You had me at 'hello,'" said Inaba. 

Although Levy admitting to struggle with rhythms at the beginning of the show, Goodman raved about Levy's performance, saying, "The rhythm that you pulled out was just fantastic." 

Levy and Burke earned a perfect 30-point score from the judges.

Katherine Jenkins:

Katherine Jenkins danced the quick-step in a red '50s costume.  The Welsh classical singer also received a standing ovation and high praise from the judges.

"Outstanding … amazing technique," said Tonioli. 

Inaba tricked the audience into thinking she was disappointed in the performance, but finished her statement by saying it might have been the best dancing she had ever seen on the show. 

Goodman said, "Honestly Katherine, you can dance." 

She earned 29 points.

Jenkins and her partner, Mark Ballas, danced the salsa but ended with a misstep at the end.  The ending caused the singer to cover her face and apologize to Ballas. 

The judges continued to praise her routine despite the ending. 

Goodman said, "You came out and gave that 100 percent." 

The pair earned 27 points from the judges.

Maria Menounos:

The "Extra" co-host danced the tango with her partner, Derek Hough, to a standing ovation.

"Enticing, titillating … beyond my wildest dreams … absolutely and utterly fabulous," said Tonioli. 

Inaba had nothing but praise for the star, pointing out how far she's come since she began in the competition. 

Menounos earned the first perfect score of the night.

The pair danced the jive as their second dance. 

Tonioli said it was fantastic and Inaba said, "You are a winner tonight." 

"I liked it!" shouted Goodman. 

The pair earned 29 points for their dance.

Donald Driver:

Super Bowl champion Donald Driver danced the waltz to another standing ovation.

Inaba started out the judging by pointing out Driver's missteps. 

Goodman also mentioned that he needed to move his head to the left. 

Tonioli complimented the NFL star, but there was some unease in the air. 

Driver earned 28 points.

Next, Driver and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, took a big risk by dancing the samba. The risk payed off. 

"I liked it. Well done," said Goodman.

Inaba smiled and said, "A+!" 

The pair received an almost-perfect score, 29, with only Goodman giving them a 9.

Tonight's Scores:

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough: 30, 29.  Total: 59

William Levy and Cheryl Burke: 28, 30.  Total: 58

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd: 28, 29. Total: 57

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas: 29, 27. Total: 56

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