'Family Guy' Ad for Emmy Voters Targets 'Brentwood Jews'

Obtained by ABC News

The Fox animated series "Family Guy" is known for its off-color humor, but an ad for the show sent to Emmy voters has been deemed by at least a few TV producers as being not funny or simply tasteless.

The Hollywood Reporter says the ad features "Family Guy" patriarch Peter Griffin along with the message, "Come on, you bloated, over-privileged Brentwood Jews. Let us into your little club."

The ad is included with a DVD screener sent to Emmy voters for their consideration. The mailing also includes a picture of baby Stewie saying, "It's a secret ballot. You can still tell people you voted for "Modern Family.""

One TV producer who lives not far from the posh Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood told The Hollywood Reporter, "It's so heavy-handed, it's light on funny."

Another producer says, "While I think 'Family Guy' is a genuinely funny show, we all - including this 'Brentwood Jew' - need to think twice about this kind of humor. Stereotyping any particular ethnic group is just not cool and can lead others (with the wrong intentions) to feel a certain license to take shots."

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are among the publications that have refused to run the Peter Griffin ad.

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