Lawyer Advises Client to Lie?

ABC News' Ali Galante reports:

"She sounded just like Cruella Deville."

Who could be so villainous to deserve this comparison?

At Stacks Pancake House in Paramus, N.J., Traci impatiently waits for her attorney. They're meeting before her trial to discuss details before her case is tried in court.

Traci is nervous and has a minor ankle sprain. But to add insult to injury, the lawyer has some odd advice for her client, leaving Traci confused about her counsel.

"You need to say there was water near you. You tracked through it and slipped on it," Meghan tells Traci.

"But I didn't slip on water…you want me to lie?" she asks.

"Listen, don't think of it like lying. It's gaming the system," she says.  "Trust me."

When the crafty attorney leaves the room, a nearby diner, Alycia Staine, takes a stand.

"Can I just say that was straight-up psycho? She sounded just like Cruella Deville," Alycia exclaims. "Lawyers don't care about the truth. It's never about the truth in court. It's guilt or not guilty."

But what Alycia doesn't know is that six "What Would You Do?" hidden cameras are recording her reaction. And the conflicted client and attorney are just actors, hired by us. But before we let Alycia in on our little secret, she leaves Traci with some advice of her own.

"You can play the game like everybody else plays, but you don't have to," Alycia said. "…"I would have told her to go [expletive] herself."

Watch the full scene play out on "What Would You Do?" tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

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