3 Grandmothers Review '50 Shades of Grey'

VIDEO: 3 Grandmas Review 50 Shades of Grey

Three outspoken grandmothers who became Internet sensations earlier this year after discussing Kim Kardashian's sex tape on YouTube are back. This time they're reviewing the shocking, bestselling novel "50 Shades of Grey."

"I loved the beginning but as you go on, it's absolutely, totally ridiculous," Mary, 81, says in the video.

Mary Bartnicki and her twin sisters, Teresa Dahlquist and Josie Cavaluzzi, 72, recite X-rated excerpts from the book and help each other to understand the various sexual descriptions. "I think this was the best way to lose your virginity and then quit," Josie says.

"Oh, my God, he sounds like a good lover," Teresa, who is divorced, says.

The three hairdressers were outraged by what they read in the book. Mary says she is "puzzled" by younger women who say they can't put the book down. After reading a passage about beating, Teresa says, "That's crazy, nobody can hit me hard."

At the end of the video, Josie recommends that women read something else. "I would recommend something that was lighter, sexually," she says.

The women, who now live in California, call themselves the 3 Golden Sisters. They became famous in late April when another YouTube video, in which they give lively commentary of Kim Kardashian's sex tape with then-boyfriend Ray J, went viral.

"Kim is excellent in bed," Josie, who's married, tells her sisters in the video, which now has more than 2.5 million views on YouTube.

The women gasp and laugh as they critique the infamous tape. "We're not supposed to be watching this, get out of here," Mary, who is widowed, says.

Mary described the sex tape to talk-show host Anderson Cooper as "the most shocking thing I ever saw in my life."

The trio have dozens of videos on YouTube where they discuss everything from celebrity moms to dating advice. They also answer fans' questions on their website, 3goldensisters.com, in a section called "Free Italian Mother Advice."

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