'America's Got Talent' Recap: A Human Cannonball Soars with Judges

Twelve more acts, including a human cannonball, a sand artist and a mind reader, showed off their skills for judges Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel on NBC's "America's Got Talent" Tuesday.

The 12 acts competed for America's votes and one of four slots in the upcoming finale. The winning act will receive one million dollars and a chance to headline a show in Las Vegas. Host Nick Cannon was on hand to introduce the acts.

Here's a rundown of Tuesday's highlights:

- The action moved to an outside location for the first act, David "The Bullet" Smith, a human cannonball. David attempted a 40 yard "human field goal," reaching heights of 70 feet. To a blast of fireworks and the roar of onlookers, he easily made his target. Howard appreciated the level of danger involved. Sharon was afraid David had overshot his target but was glad he made it. Mandel wondered how "The Bullet" could top what he'd just done.

- All That! is an energetic clog dancing troupe. They incorporated stunts, such as back-flips and mock fights, into their routine. Osbourne suggested they appear in leather pants and no shirts like the male dancers in the movie "Magic Mike." Mandel noted that the competition would be tough. Stern agreed that All That! might struggle to get the votes.

- Novelty singer Ulysses worked his way through an earlier audition round by singing TV themes. He opened with the theme to "American Bandstand" Tuesday, and was immediately given "X's" from Stern and Osbourne. Before the end of his performance, Mandel also buzzed in, giving Ulysses no chance of advancing and an automatic ejection.

- Joe Castillo is a sand artist. Working with a back-lit sand pit, Joe creates amazing art in time to music that has the effect of looking like an animated story. He fashioned various animals, including a lion and an elephant, culminating in "God's eye" with a teardrop. Stern was moved, calling Joe unique and amazing. Osbourne thanked him for his wildlife statement, and Mandel said he appreciated the message and the talent.

- Young Mariachi singer, Sebastien E. De La Cruz is just 10 years old. Backed by a band of musicians, he took center stage to sing a love song that wowed the audience. He even gave a rose to Osbourne, who loved the passion in Sebastien's voice. Mandel thought Sebastien had an "old soul." Stern encouraged America to vote for the boy wonder.

- Eric Dittleman is a mind reader. He moved away from a background in magic into reading people's thoughts. Eric recreated the TV game show "Deal Or No Deal," complete with models holding up numbered metal cases. Having eliminated several of the boxes, he correctly predicted which one Mandel would choose. Stern was amazed, Mandel called Eric the "real deal." Osbourne said the whole of America would be talking about him.

- Playing what he claims is the world's largest string instrument, William Close worked his hand-made "earth harp" with gloved hands. He was joined by a vocalist and several percussion players. He received a standing ovation. Mandel was certain William had already won, proclaiming, "We're done." Osbourne was totally amazed. Stern said "give him the million dollars" and went so far as to say he would financially back the musician's act himself.

- Unity in Motion is a gymnastic dance troupe. They combine strength moves with synchronized movements set to music. Stern thought the girls deserved to advance, calling them the "best dance act this season." Osbourne thought the performance was perfect. Mandel was not as convinced but encouraged Unity in Motion's fans to vote to keep them in the contest.

- Singing duo Eric & Olivia specialize in unusual acoustic covers. This time, they took on the Taio Cruz hit "Dynamite." Osbourne loved the performance but warned that the competition on the show was tough. Mandel thought they were a lounge act, and hadn't done enough. Stern thought Olivia got lost in the arrangement and felt the duo was in danger of going home.

- High School senior Lindsey Norton is an acrobatic dancer. She performs in the style of Cirque Du Soleil, combining dance and tumbles. Mandel thought the act was spectacular. Stern said Norton was beautiful and inspirational. Osbourne thought Norton should be at the Olympics.

- Horse is a self-described "king of the nut job." His act involves him being hit in the private parts in various ways. For his performance Tuesday, he dressed as a superhero and chased accomplices dressed as bank robbers and…well, got hit below the belt in many and varied ways. Stern called him a "mad man," and said he had a love or hate act. Osbourne asked if Horse's "dangly bits were throbbing?" Stern said Horse would get his vote if it counted.

- Animal act Olate Dogs features the father and son team of Richard and Nicholas Olate and their collection of talented performing dogs. In a high-energy act the dogs - most of them rescue animals - did back flips, ran up ramps, rolled balls and chased each other. Osbourne called the act magnificent. Mandel said it was a unique and amazing dog act. Stern said America's dog lovers would vote for them, for sure.

Four acts will be chosen to advance on tomorrow's installment of "America's Got Talent," beginning at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

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