Ricky Gervais Blasts 'Sickening' Kitten Experiments

Credit: Michael Bezjian/ Getty Images.

Ricky Gervais controversies are usually fun (see: the 2010 Golden Globes). This one is … not. The "Office" creator recently condemned "sickening experiments" involving kittens that were conducted at Cardiff University in 2010.

"I am appalled that kittens are being deprived of sight by having their eyelids sewn shut," he said in a statement released by his publicist. "I thought sickening experiments like these were a thing of the past."

Gervais was made aware of the experiments by a British animal advocacy organization. The university defended the practice to U.K.'s Mirror, saying "It is impossible to use any other kind of ­technique for this study," which was done in an attempt to find a cure for lazy eyes in children.

Gervais' rep said the comic does not plan to speak further about the experiments.

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