Rolling Stone Recycles Old Lindsay Lohan Cover for Justin Bieber

Rolling Stone

Justin Bieber will be featured on the cover of the August issue of Rolling Stone showing a more mature look.

Bieber retweeted the cover after a fan posted it on Twitter. The 18-year-old pop star is standing in front of a wall wearing a white tank top that shows off his toned arms. The teen heartthrob also sports a long gold chain half-tucked into his shirt. The tank top is so tight that the chain is visible through the fabric. The headline reads "Hot, Ready, Legal."

As Gawker first pointed out, the cover is reminiscent of when Lindsay Lohan, then 18, appeared on Rolling Stone in the August 2004 issue with the headline, "Hot, Ready and Legal." At the time, Lohan had a respectable movie career going with hits such as "Freaky Friday," "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" and "Mean Girls." Fans of Bieber hope the similarities between the two stars end there.

This is the second time Bieber has graced the cover for the magazine. He was featured on the cover in the February 2011 issue, which sparked controversy. The online edition of the Rolling Stone profile quoted Bieber saying, "I really don't believe in abortion."

Rolling Stone later published an editorial note with Bieber's full quote.

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