Summer Hair Style Secrets

When humidity teases your tresses and heat wrecks your waves, women often find themselves in a hairy situation. How to keep your hair looking its best this time of year?

Rodney Cutler, owner of Cutler/Redken Salons in New York and Miami, is a celebrity stylist who has worked with Fergie and Emma Watson. He gives our "Good Afternoon America" viewers the inside scoop on the best summer hair fixes.

Rodney's Quick-Fix Solutions for Summer Hair:

Problem: Humidity

Quick Fix: Side Braid

On hot, humid days, hair tends to get frizzy. But now you can use the humidity to your advantage. Put your hair in a side braid. Make it chunky, and wrap it to the side. This fights frizz and holds hair in place.

Problem: Tangled, Knotty Beach Hair

Quick Fix: Pin Your Hair in a Bun

When you think of summer, your mind drifts to a relaxing beach with a good umbrella drink. But it can still get windy, leaving your hair tangled and full of knots. A quick fix is to spray a mix of salt and water in your hair, then put it up in a bun using bobby pins. When you pull it out, it will unravel into beachy waves, perfect for a night out on the boardwalk.

Problem: Sun Damage

Quick Fix: Argan Oil

If you're a woman who spends her summer in the sun and heat, it's hard keeping your color looking healthy and vibrant. The overexposure to sun and heat causes hair to fade quickly, but using Argan oil is an easy solution to boost your color. Cutler says there are many new technologies to prolong the life of your hair. Redken's Chromatics is a hair color solution available in salons that actually puts moisture and conditioner back into your hair while making your hair color last longer.

Problem: Rainy, Wet Hair

Quick Fix: Side Part, Slick Ponytail

Worried about getting caught in an afternoon summer thunderstorm? Embrace it! Simply create a look that is really slick and strong. Throw your hair up in an easy, slick, side-parted ponytail.

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