Louis C.K., Parenting Expert? Deleted Scene Shows Comedian as Heartwarming Dad

A heartwarming parenting moment, by Louis C.K.

A deleted scene from his hit FX comedy show, "Louie," shows the comedian at the grocery store with his two young daughters. When one hits the other, C.K. immediately steps in to make her apologize and "mean it." Just as he gets the two girls to reconcile, an obnoxious customer knocks into them and hilarity ensues as C.K. tries to make the woman apologize to reinforce his point.

The video, titled "Apologize," was posted to Youtube last month, but a Reddit user resurrected it Wednesday, and a conversation about the do's and don't's of parenting quickly spread. The thread now has more than 2,000 comments.

"Can't wait to show this to my 5- and 4-year olds," one Reddit user said. "If you don't say 'I'm sorry', they're gonna haul your a** to jail. Internet is making parenting a lot easier."

"Pretty sure this is the only situation where the Internet makes parenting a lot easier," another responded.

"The correct thing to do if the woman had continued to NOT apologize would be to explain to the girls that when you don't apologize, it hurts the feelings of the other person, just like their feelings are hurt … and that's why you have to apologize," another Reddit user said.

Reknowned for his hilariously awkward and dark comedy style, C.K. recently earned a whopping seven Emmy nominations in July, including Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on "Louie," which he writes, directs, produces, stars and edits himself.

Days before he released his self-produced stand-up special "Louie C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater," which claimed four of the seven Emmy nods, C,K. talked with "Nightline" anchor Bill Weir about juggling a hectic career with fatherhood and how it has changed him.

"Being a dad made me not so concerned with myself anymore," he said "When people have kids they get into a competition with their own children for their own energy and priorities. They think the kids are taking something away from them. But if you just let it go - of COURSE your kids are more important than you. Just accept the premise that your kids are more important. And I say 'no' to jobs all the time, because I have to go to ballet or whatever it is."

Watch the full piece HERE:

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