Britney Spears' Itemized Spending List

ABC News' Jennifer Pereira reports:

Want to look like Britney Spears? Well, it's going to cost you.

The "X-Factor" judge's fortune has been under a conservatorship headed by her father, Jamie, since her very public break-down four years ago, and court documents released recently include an itemized list of the pop star's 2010 expenses.

The list shows that maintaining the lifestyle of a music superstar isn't cheap.

Spears spent $2,595.80 on hair and makeup, $4,648.00 on massages, grooming and nails, and $54,292.12 on clothes.

Keeping the Spears estate running like clockwork also comes at a hefty price: Living expenses such as dry cleaning, pet care, household supplies, groceries and travel totaled $179,661.06.

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Earlier this month, Spears, 30, was named by Forbes as the second-highest paid woman in Hollywood. She earned an estimated $58 million in the past 12 months.

That doesn't even count her reported $15 million paycheck for her work on "The X-Factor."

Spears, who has two young sons, also reportedly also regularly shops at Target, CVS, T.J. Maxx and Sears, and has shopped at Gap Kids, Kids Foot Locker and Toys 'R Us.

"I think that Britney does live quite a frugal life," Melanie Bromley, senior managing correspondent with E! News, told "Good Morning America.". "She's really not living beyond her means, especially compared to other Hollywood stars."

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