Bags That Compliment Your Body Type

VIDEO: Tracey Lomrantz Lester reveals ways to flatter your figure in "GMAs" Bag or Bust.

Tracey Lomrantz Lester, contributing Style Editor of Glamour Magazine, joined " Good Morning America" this morning for a game of "Bag or Bust" to determine which type of bag looks best with each different body type. Take a look to see which purse compliments your body shape most.


Small Satchel: Editor's Desk Satchel, $48,

Giant Bag: Louenhide Switch Tote, $132,

The giant bag works best with petite bodies. Lomrantz Lester says, "Believe it or not, petite women can carry oversized bags. I don't recommend a cross-body or sling bag, which will overwhelm your shape. Try a mid-hanging hobo that comes right to the elbow.

"Oversize bags aren't out of the question, you just need to find one that doesn't overwhelm your frame. Look for a scaled-down version of the huge handbag that have been everywhere in recent seasons. The same scale, but in a smaller version is ideal."

Pear Shaped:

Envelope Clutch: Melie Bianco Janelle Clutch, $68,

Teeny Tiny Crossbody: Z Spoke Crossbody, $325,

The Envelope Clutch is the correct bag. Lomrantz Lester says, "For evening, especially, I suggest a giant envelope or small pochette clutch. Opt for a clutch that has a detachable small strap and tuck it under your arm for easy carrying. Avoid clutches that hang too low and add unnecessary bulk below your waist.

"Small cross-body bags are adorable, but they work like an arrow pointing straight to your hips and booty. Instead, draw the eye upward with an envelope clutch you can hold above your waist. A bold color or some sparkle work especially well to accentuate your slim upper half."


Jessica Double Shoulder Handbag, $150,

Short Shoulder Bag: Olivia and Joy Suspect Large Flap Bag, $78,

The Jessica Double Shoulder Long Tote handbag is the correct choice. Lomrantz Lester says, "For a tall woman, a tote bag is a great option. You're long arms will be accentuated as you carry the tote in hand. Choose one with a rounded shape or shimmering textures to give some contrast to a tall and possibly straight shape.

"Anything with short handles is going to compete with your height and throw off the sense of proportion. Look for a tote with long handles that you can carry at your side and play up your fabulous stature."


Super Structured Bag: Danielle Nicole Alea Tote, $98,

Slouchy Hobo: Free Endearment Kristina Combo Leather Hobo, $223,

The Danielle Nicole Alea Super Structured tote is the correct choice. Lomrantz Lester says, "For a curvy woman, I recommend trying something with more structure, like a Kelly-style bag or a doctor's satchel. This is going to provide great, sharp lines.

Here's a rule of thumb for curvy girls: Always choose items that are structured and have sharp lines to contrast your curves. It works with handbags, too. A frame bag or a traditional satchel is so much more flattering than a slouchy hobo."

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