Fake Celebrity Brett Cohen Is Back With New Music Video 'Hotter Than Fire'

VIDEO: "Fake Celebrity" Brett Cohens New Viral Video "Hotter Than Fire"

Brett Cohen is back with a new video where he's venturing from his former fake celebrity role, wandering the streets of Manhattan, now taking on a fake recording artist role and performing his "hit" song, "Hotter Than Fire," in a New Jersey nightclub.

We formerly met Cohen in August when he created a video that instantly stormed the Internet of himself posing as a celebrity, equipped with his own paparazzi and a camera crew meeting and greeting his "fans" around Times Square.

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But now, he's adding a "recording artist" notch to his "famously" fake belt.

The new video, which has surpassed 2,500 YouTube views since it was originally posted Monday, shows Cohen tricking unassuming club-goers at Bliss Lounge in Clifton, N.J., into believing he's a real singer.

"People really loved it," Cohen, 21, told ABCNews.com. "There was no one who didn't like the song. We interviewed probably about 30 people."

To help him pull off the stunt, the Long Island, N.Y., college student collaborated with producers Steve Migliore and Mike Rizzo to write, record and, eventually, perform "a song that is intended to parody mainstream music's appeal by having all the qualities needed to become a Top 40 hit in today's market."

With satirical lyrics such as, "We're all feeling alright, Going out tonight, Shining like a bright light, Whoa! Memories to create, You'll remember this date, And it's gonna be great, Whoa!," Cohen admits thinking "it's the best song of all time."

Not to mention, Cohen claims, he wrote the "Hotter Than Fire" lyrics in less than 30 minutes.

"If you have all the cliché lyrics and you have a great beat, people that have heard it actually like the song for what it is," Cohen said. "It has a great beat, it's catchy. It really also proves a point that anyone can do it."

Cohen creates his videos as forms of social experiments, to really emphasize the power of social media and to show how "we hold celebrities up to such high regard and put them on such a pedestal."

Ever since his last video came out, Cohen said he has been receiving emails and Facebook messages from college students letting him know their professors are using his previous video as teaching methods in psychology and sociology classes.

"It was so easy to do and that was the sad part about it. All I did in that video was walk, and we just filmed. People are just fascinated by it. It was a very big social experiment. You don't have to be a good singer to be a singer. People say they realize that, but I don't think they do."

Cohen, who is in his last semester of college at SUNY New Paltz, isn't sure what the future holds for him career-wise, but certainly hopes it involves pursuing his video-production skills.

As for his new "hit wonder," he said, "The song is actually doing really well on iTunes right now. I just found out that "Hotter Than Fire" will be going into rotation on every major radio station in New York starting next week."

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