Authorities Ask Judge to Revoke Chris Brown's Probation Over Community Service Doubts

VIDEO: In a video posted on Vimeo titled, "The Real Chris Brown," the singer talks about his love life.

Los Angeles authorities have sought to have singer Chris Brown's probation revoked, alleging that Brown may not have completed all of the community service he was ordered to perform after he beat his then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna, and noting that Brown continues to have anger issues.

A motion filed today by the Los Angeles County district attorney's office focuses heavily on issues with Brown's community labor in Virginia, citing numerous discrepancies and claiming the R&B singer essentially was unsupervised.

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Prosecutors asked a judge to order the singer to repeat his entire 180-day service sentence in Los Angeles. Brown had been given permission to perform cleanup and manual labor duties in Virginia, but investigators found no evidence that he completed his work as ordered.

Richmond, Va., Police Chief Bryan Norwood was supposed to be supervising Brown and submitted paperwork last year indicating the singer had completed his sentence. But prosecutors cite numerous shortcomings and possible misstatements in those records, which show the singer performing double shifts in the city and at a day care center where his mother once worked.

"If in fact he didn't do these hours, then the judge is going to give him a choice, either do them here in Los Angeles County, where it can be verified, or do it in jail," legal analyst Dana Cole told ABC News.

The singer reportedly also was investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for allegedly assaulting R&B singer Frank Ocean on Jan. 27 in a brawl over a parking space. Brown was also involved in a bar brawl with rapper Drake, and threw a chair through a window after a "Good Morning America" interview in which he was asked about beating Rihanna. The motion cites all of those incidents.

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Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, said the filing was frivolous, defamatory and scurrilous.

"The motion filed by the DA's office is shameful and a disgrace," Geragos said. "In essence, it calls everyone a liar in the Richmond Police Department and the Virginia Probation Department."

He claimed prosecutors ignored interviews "where sworn peace officers stated unequivocally that Mr. Brown was supervised and did all of the community service."

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Rihanna and Brown split following his assault on her, but have since appeared to reconcile. In an interview in the February issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Rihanna said Brown was rehabilitated and had paid his dues.

Brown is due in court Wednesday for a probation hearing.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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