Harrison Ford Embarrassed by Elizabeth Vargas' Crush Confession

VIDEO: "GMA" anchor describes one of Fords sexist moments from the movie "Witness."

Elizabeth Vargas made iconic film star Harrison Ford blush during a live interview on "Good Morning America" today.

"I have a confession to make," Vargas admitted to Ford during his interview to promote the new film "42: The True Story of an American Legend," in which he plays Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey. "You were my very first movie crush."

"Oh?" Ford said after clearly being caught off guard.

"In the movie 'Witness,' in that scene where you were dancing with Kelly McGillis to that Sam Cooke song up in the barn," Vargas said of the 1985 thriller. "There was an article that came out a couple of years ago when people were asked to name their sexiest scene in a movie, and I thought that was my pick."

Ford, 70, mustered a smile and said, "Well, thank you very much."

"Am I making you embarrassed?" Vargas asked.

"A little bit," he humbly replied.

"Well, you're great in that, and you're great in this movie," Vargas said of Ford's legendary role playing Branch Rickey, the man who signed Jackie Robinson to the Dodgers in 1947, officially breaking Major League Baseball's color barrier.

Vargas also addressed a few upcoming roles in which she hopes to see Ford.

"We hope we're going to see you very soon in 'Star Wars.' Will you be great in that as well?" Vargas asked.

"Yeah, I'll be average," Ford joked.

The film "42? will be in theaters Friday.

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