Beyonce: I Sing to Blue in 'My Simple Mommy Voice'

(Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Blue Ivy Carter is one lucky girl, because she gets to hear her mom, Beyoncé, sing to her all the time. But Bey has revealed that when she serenades baby Blue, she doesn't exactly sound like she does when she's belting out "Crazy in Love."

Appearing on the British TV show " Daybreak," Beyoncé said that she uses what she calls a "mommy voice" when she sings to her daughter.

"I keep my Beyoncé voice for the stage and I have my simple mommy voice," she said. "I remember hearing a story about Céline Dion and she's like, 'When I sing, my' - I don't know if it was her son that cried - and I'm like, 'That is so interesting. She has the most beautiful voice in the world, and she's like, "He hates it!"'

"So I said, 'Well, maybe I'll just, like, give a little, simple nursery rhyme voice to my daughter,'" Beyoncé said.

During the same interview, Beyoncé said her public persona wasn't the same as her private one.

"People take me a lot more seriously than I do," she said. "Definitely, I'm a goofball."

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